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Quality Education

Our motto is 'Satyamav Jaite'  .This is the core of the development of the contents of Moral and Value Education in the school.We strive to highlight our Ancient Indian culture, traditions and customs through teaching and other value based programmes organized in the school.

The success of our school's system lies in careful planning of each lesson in the school year and in the evaluation of student's performance. The curriculum gives a balanced importance to academics, physical education and performing visual arts and also integrates them (with each other) in a planned manner. Thus the students learn a subject through different techniques-geographical landforms, through art or the computer and clay model, or cycles of the moon through a dramatic enactment.


We endeavor to educate the children not just making them liberate, but filled with the treasure of happiness and knowledge in their lives. By empowering our children through knowledge, right attitude, thinking skill, mental and physical dexterity; we teach them to carve themselves into a niche in the society. We gradually and consequently evolve our students into knowledgeable, mature and responsible members of the society.
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