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From the Principal’s Desk

I always feel that it is our collective duty to contribute towards building a prosperous society and a stronger nation. To fulfill this mission I have channelized my efforts in the noble field of education. I fervently feel that knowledge is the greatest gift you can give to someone.

I remenber a quote:

We need men who can dream of things that never were' -John F.Kennedy

A place of learning or an educational institution is the most appropriate and ideal place to make or produce such men. The role of ‘Principal’ is certainly not just any other job. It is a responsibility undertaken to shape lives.

I am here at BSPS with a firm resolution to fulfill my commitment to the society and towards my own self. It is my devoted endeavor to provide sustainable quality education to the budding generation. The school is deeply committed to an all round education that focuses on every aspect of the child's personality development.

In BSPS we are committed to encourage every child and to be tolerant towards their faults. We wish to provide child with the security they require for having faith in us. We are there to ensure that each child feels that he is accepted and loved by us.


Indu Bala

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